One of our first experiments with fluid art.
We still did not know what was going on, we were very timid – I collected a month of strength to make a picture. We were scared by the canvas – somewhat white, looking at us with contempt and mockery. So we started spreading – first in glasses, then with fingers. Finally, we were also spraying water and fighting was worth it.


  • Original handmade item
  • Canvas size : 60cm X 40cm X 1.7cm  / 24” X 16” X 0.66” inches/ 600mm X 400mm X 17mm
  • Abstract Art
  • Always signed. Always signed on the side
  • Conditions: New, original and in excellent condition.
  • Direct from our studio Nikolovi-Art
  • Original Acrylic Painting

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This painting is a unique original artwork that We will not be able to re-create. One and only!

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