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Each customer has the right to return a canvas purchased by us in 14 calendar days (it is important to return it as received) after receiving it.The money for the canvas itself will be refunded 100%. We do not just refund money for transport.

If you decide to return a canvas please contact us via the contact form to tell you where to send it. Upon returning a canvas, return shipping is paid by you.
We often travel and it is possible to point to a different delivery location from the place of dispatch.

If you decide to return the canvas, we only care if it is due to a transport defect. That’s why it’s important to be reviewed when you get it. If there is a delivery defect, the courier company must repay it, because each canvas is insured!  If you do not return the canvas because of a transport defect but because of its size or otherwise, please pack it well so it can be transported to us.

Obligatory insurance for the same value.Each canvas has a certificate drawn from the National Gallery of the Republic of Bulgaria that this canvas is not stolen and does not represent a cultural national value.This certificate is obligatorily given to the courier separately to be presented to the customs agency! If you need, you can contact us at any time through the contact form of the site. All resin-coated canvases have a 100-year guarantee that the picture will not be damaged (This does not include dropping objects on it, attempts to crush, wet, hammer or attempt any intentional damage) If accidentally there is a problem please let us know and we will assess whether we will send you a new one with the same colors or we can restore it. All data made during the order is stored until the client confirms that he has received the canvas and has passed the 14-day period in which he has the right to return the canvas. After the last 14 days have passed, all personal data is permanently deleted. We do not keep any data after that.

Payment is accepted through PayPal and Direct Bank Transfer. For Direct Bank Transfer we give -8% discount of order. After we receive the money transfer, we can send the canvas.


All Rights Reserved We always create our original canvas! There are no printing with us. Each canvas is original and unique.

If you want to see more photos or videos on a canvas, you can always contact us through the contact form of the site and we will send you more photos and videos of this canvas from different angles.

All the materials we use are created in a European Union! Canvas too!  Most things have been created in Germany.