Siren tale

It is an honor to present to you our first joint. It is the revelation of our beliefs in the unknown, expressing the music in our heads and hearts. I had the feeling that I heard the mermaid's song all the time I mixed the colors and spilled them. Once I got it I wanted to keep it forever, so I flooded it with art resin.


  • Original handmade item
  • Canvas size: 70cm X 50cm X 2cm / 28'' X 20'' X 0.78'' inches/ 700mm X 500mm X 20mm
  • Abstract Fluid Art
  • Art Resin
  • Always signed. Always signed on the side
  • Conditions: New, original and in excellent condition.
  • Direct from our studio Nikolovi-Art
  • Original Acrylic Painting

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This painting is a unique original artwork that We will not be able to re-create. One and only!


Project Details

  • Materials : Resin / Acrylic Marabu
  • Canvas : 700mm X 500mm / 20mm
  • Shipping : Worldwide