Rose dust

Rose dust recreates the end of the era - the pain before you realize the end of your relationship, your guilt, the fear of the unknown. This pain like anchor is flowing in our minds. Until we accept it, we do not re-process it and accept it as a basis for our new self-construction.


  • Original handmade item
  • Paper special acrylic: 40cm X 30cm / 16'' X 12'' inches / 400mm X 300mm
  • Size with Frame: 52cm x 42cm x 3,5cm / 20'' X 17'' X 1.3'' inches / 520mm x 420 mm x 35mm
  • Abstract Fluid Art
  • Black or white frame - you can choose
  • Abstract Art
  • Always signed. Signed on the back
  • Conditions: New, original and in excellent condition.
  • Direct from our studio Nikolovi-Art
  • Original Acrylic Painting

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This painting is a unique original artwork that We will not be able to re-create. One and only!


Project Details

  • Materials : Acrylic Marabu
  • Size : 400mm X 300mm / 2mm
  • Shipping : Worldwide
  • Frame : Black or White