Craving you

In this work we have put a lot of feeling. It is an expression of our longing for our partner, our dependencies, our art. The canvas is flooded with art resin.After we finished it, the one word that came to my mind was Craving.Like that cigarette,that shot of 100 proof no matter how much I get - I'm always craving.


    • Original handmade item
    • Canvas size: 55cm X 46cm X 2cm / 22'' X 18'' X 0.78'' inches / 550mm X 460mm X 20mm
    • Art Resin
    • Always signed. Signed on the side
    • Conditions: New, original and in excellent condition.
    • Direct from our studio Nikolovi-Art
    • Original Acrylic Painting

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This painting is a unique original artwork that We will not be able to re-create. One and only!


Project Details

  • Materials : Resin / Acrylic Marabu
  • Canvas : 550mm X 460mm / 20mm
  • Shipping : Worldwide