Autumn kindness

Personally, autumn is the warmest month of the year. The time in which we recall our morbidity, the fragility, and we take stock of our actions.
One day, coming back from a 12-hour business day, I just saw that the ground was dotted with fallen flowers. Yellow, worms, some fragile yet ... Then I noticed how little time I was, and the leaves even less.
That's why I wanted to pinch them with a drawing.


  • Original handmade item
  • Canvas size: 40cm X 40 cm X 1.7cm / 16'' X 16'' X 0.66'' inches / 400mm X 400mm X 17mm
  • Autumn Art
  • Always signed. Signed on the side
  • Conditions: New, original and in excellent condition.
  • Direct from our studio Nikolovi-Art
  • Original Acrylic Painting

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This painting is a unique original artwork that We will not be able to re-create. One and only!


Project Details

  • Materials : Acrylic Marabu
  • Canvas : 400mm X 400mm / 17mm
  • Shipping : Worldwide