HD Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond 3mm – Glossy

HD Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond 3mm – Glossy

For our posters / prints we use – HD Photo Paper, laminated with crystal laminate on Dibond 3mm Aluminum with Glossy Surface, Horizontal or Vertical Suspension. Aluminum Dibond is a product where the poster or poster is printed on high quality HD Photo Paper and glued to Aluminum composite board Dibond. This product gives a stylish and complete look to any poster or poster without the need for it to be framed or passepartout.

The aluminum composite board combines great strength and low weight resistance.

The cover: adds a high depth of sharpness and detail to the image, rich and saturated crystalline clarity, UV protection

HD Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond 3mm – Glossy

Each of our posters or prints is printed on Aluminum Dibond and is packed in a box. It is for hanging on your wall. Each Aluminum Dibond is fitted with metal hanging rails located parallel to the back of the aluminum panel, allowing you to hang the product securely and, on the other hand, serve as a spacer, separating it from the wall.

HD Photo Print on Aluminum Dibond 3mm – Glossy

Each of our posters is sold without a frame, poster, snap frame or stopper. You get the desired size poster or prints from Aluminum Dibond in a box. You decide what or how you use it. All the photos with our prints are just for image protection. The poster or poster itself has no prints in front. We sign the poster behind to know it really comes from us. The poster is clean ahead as it should be. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ready to hang

Metal Print Dibond Behind

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