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Dear readers,

I am pleased that we are approaching one of the most colorful and iconic holidays for this part of the year. Namely, Halloween. I read a lot of material on the subject of the holiday, but there is no exact information about its date. Therefore, I will outline the basic hypotheses I have learned. Namely:

  • The Celtic Beginnings – Samhain’s Vigil. It was founded jointly with the Druids and dates back over 2,000 years.
  • The name is derived from the word Helavinn – the Celtic goddess of death, her name translates to “Abyss”, “Death” and also “Hell”.
  • Christian Themes – There is a version that the traditions of the holiday are rooted in Christian history. Our ancestors were extremely close to nature and tried to navigate its biorhythms. With the advent of Christianity, October 31 remains an important date, such as the beginning of winter and also the celebration of fallen saints and martyrs.
  • Mysticism – Although current traditions have sought to erase the spiritual part of Halloween, its mystical roots are still preserved. And with them the various divinations and magical traditions. It is believed that on this day the border of the worlds becomes so thin that they almost intertwine. Mexicans, like the Mayans before them, worship with songs and celebrations their dead ancestors. They believe that on this day their dead relatives visit them and can communicate / feast at will.

Samhain Night blurs all the barriers between the spiritual and the material. The supernatural just steps on the ground, frightening people who happened to be on the street at that time. There is evidence in Europe of 1895. in Scotland, and in 1900. in England. These are the first costumes and celebrations to be organized. The costumes are really scary and the purpose is to scare the spirits. In 1935, it began to be practiced in several countries and made famous the tradition of being dressed as celebrities or people in local and worldwide show business.

Nowadays the holiday line is clean – a selection of fun and exciting traditions. The main symbol of Halloween is the pumpkin head. The inside of the pumpkin is removed, the face is cut and a candle is inserted inside. The pumpkin symbolizes three main symbols:


1 –  end of the harvest

2 – evil forces

3 – the fire that scares them.

On this glorious evening, children have the right to ask for treats and make whites if their wish is not satisfied. So, if you do not want eggs in front of your neck and toilet paper you better stock up on candy.

  • There is another very interesting tradition that even the hosts would enjoy. On this day, cleaning and trash are also important. Here’s the tradition: collecting all the unnecessary things, remember all the insults and disappointments, put everything negatively into the garbage collected and get rid of it. In this way, you are cleaning not only your home but yourself as well.
  • Family sense – It is desirable to celebrate the holiday in a quiet family circle, to remember our relatives who have gone from us, to light a candle and to prepare pumpkin dishes. We take the time to reflect and summarize what has happened over the past year.
  • Fire – it has been shown that the contemplation of the flames of fire has a beneficial effect on the psyche and consciousness of man. A candle remains to burn all night, both in memory of loved ones and to protect the home from evil.

I don’t know about you, but we personally plan to make this holiday more personal and special. So get dressed, grab some sweets, share goodies, remember the dead, look at the pumpkin lantern, take the time of loved ones and be grateful.

We thank you for being with us.

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Halloween flyer
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