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Is Art Utility Oriented?

All our works are 100% unique. They recreate our most emotionally charged moments. Their value is authentic and their cataloging is expected soon. They decorate and embellish your home, office and mind.

Hello everyone.

My name is Tony.

I want to share with you that Art is my passion. That is why I not only create a unique works of art, but I pass on my energy , knowledge and my experience either through a personal workshop or even through an online coaching.I wish you a lot of fun on our homepage!

Yours truly,

Mrs. Nikolova


Hello my friends,

My name is Sotir.

For me the approach to my art is free flowing and intuitive, a process that involves a complex layering of colors and textures that create an illusion of multiple layers and dimensions.

The result at the end is truly astonishing

Stay online,

Mr. Nikolov


Abstract Artist

Abstract Art Painters

Abstraction was what we were looking for so long. It charges us and understands us in a way that we can not explain. To spill, to feel every color – without fear, without remorse, without worrying about what will happen. It is always there first in our minds,our hands … and while we feel on our canvas. You must have been impressed that we are writing in a plural. But we are tandem – together we feel together, we draw together and complement each other (at least for the last 5-6 years).


A Canvas on a tripod. Canvas size 150cm x 100cm
We always try to introduce our abstract art to what it would look like in a real environment. We want to show you their real size of canvas. Remember – we can always send you more photos or videos.

We have canvas that are set (Pack). Sometimes 2, 3 or more canvases. The price of course is for all together. They can give you great coziness in your home or office.

3 arts pack

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